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​易 雅静

2018 日本多摩美术大学环境设计系硕士毕业  


2018  Graduated with a Master's degree from the Department of Environ mental Design at Tama Art University in Japan.


2018 DSA日本空间设计奖 银奖

         DSA日本空间设计协会特别奖 企划研究奖

         JID AWARD 2018 Next age部门奖
         JID AWARD 2018 成瀬友梨奖

2018  The DSA (Designers' Space Award) Japan Space Design Award Silver Prize.

            The DSA Special Prize for Planning and Research from the Japan Space Design Association.

            The JID AWARD 2018 Next Age Category Award.

            The JID AWARD 2018 Naruse Yuri Prize


2019    SICF20 东京Spiral

2019   SICF20 Tokyo Spiral

Solo Exhibitions

2019  内在的风景 填满空白 东京弘重画廊
2021  内在的风景 明写館meisyakan 
2023  徒劳地幻想一片荒原 北京798太和艺术空间 

2019  "Internal Landscapes Filling the Void" Solo Exhibition at Tokyo Hiroshi Gallery
2021  "Inner Landscape" Solo Exhibition at Meisyakan gallery.

2023  " It is in vain to fantasize a wilderness " Solo Exhibition at Beijing798zone TaiHe Art Gallery

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