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铁丝网  尺寸可变


Rivers like rivers 


Wire mesh.     Irregular dimensions.


许多人喜欢把时间比喻成河流,光阴流逝、无时无刻、无穷无尽。都市的时间、农人的时间、学生的时间、植物的时间......然而我们看不到 时间,却能看到河流。哲人说时间是 “延绵”,文人说时间是蛇消失于草丛的刹那。

将手指浸入河水之中,感受河水从指缝间穿过的情绪。听河水与石头碰撞的声音,看水把落叶带走的姿态,还有水波之问交融划破平静的水 面。河水并不在意过去与未来,既没有过去的影子也没有未来的幻影,河水的时间不是大脑的、知识的、理论的,而在于体验,一切都是本质 和当下。

Many people like to metaphorically compare time to a river, flowing incessantly, ceaselessly, and endlessly. The time of the city, the time of farmers, the time of students, the time of plants... However, we cannot see time, but we can see the river. Philosophers say time is "continuous," literati say time is the moment a snake disap- pears into the grass.

Dip your fingers into the river, feel the emotions as the water passes through your fingertips. Listen to the sound of the water colliding with the rocks, observe the way it carries away fallen leaves, and witness the rip- ples breaking the calm surface. The river doesn't care about the past or the future; it has no shadows of the past or illusions of the future. The river's concept of time is not of the mind, knowledge, or theory but of ex- perience. Everything is about essence and the present moment.

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