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Oil Frame, Resin, Straw


每一件《凝视》的作品都有用视频记录其形成的过程。树脂凝固的速度 会因为温度的变化时快时慢,凝固的痕迹也因而时长时短。每一次制作 《凝视》时,我就一直在旁 认真观察。只是时而看着看着思绪就不知道 飘到何处,时而又会被晃动的光影所吸引,从而忽略了树脂的流动,所以不得不再次打起精神去注意这些细微的变化。我们好像习惯了钟表给 我们的时间概念,却遗漏了万物在时光流逝中的变化形态。“凝视”对 于我来说更像是一个与时间对峙、自省的过程。

Each piece of "Gaze" is recorded by video during its forma- tion process. The speed of the resin varies with changes in temperature, resulting in varying degrees of solidification. Every time I create "Gaze," I carefully observe it through- out the process. However, sometimes my thoughts wander while I'm watching, and sometimes I'm drawn to the moving light and shadow, causing me to overlook the flow of the resin. Therefore, I must refocus my attention to these subtle changes. We are accustomed to the time concept given to us by clocks but neglect the changing forms of all things over time. And "Gaze" is more like a process of confronting and reflecting on time for me.






这是2020年因为疫情在奶奶家长住时所录制的影像视频。奶奶家的院子里有两棵树,一株石榴树和一株香椿树。午后三点的阳光漏过树间隙缝,会有斑驳的 光影映射在阳台的白墙上。因为不能外出,我常常会在阳台看着这些光斑的晃动,时而有些恍惚。

在制作《凝视》系列时,原计划是在室内录制,却因当时被那些光影所触动,便将作品移到阳台进行录制。视频中光斑的变化是生动的、显目的,似乎在掩 饰吸管内树脂流动的缓慢。整个空间近乎静止让人无法察觉,如同在我们与自然之间。(视频于2020年7月13日录制,共计19分48秒。)

19 minutes and 48 seconds passed together



This is a video recorded in 2020 when I was staying at my grandmother's house due to the pandemic. There are two trees in my grandmother's yard, a pomegranate tree and a Chinese toon tree. At three o'clock in the afternoon, the sunlight shines through the gaps between the trees, casting dappled shadows on the white wall of the balcony. Since I couldn't go out, I often watched these flickering spots of light on the bal- cony, and sometimes I felt a bit trance-like.

During the production of the "Gaze" series, the original plan was to record indoors. However, I was moved by the interplay of light and shadow, and moved the production to the balcony. The changes in the light spots in the video are vivid and prominent, seemingly concealing the slow flow of resin in the straw. The almost still space makes it difficult for people to perceive, as if it is a space between us and nature. (The video was recorded on July 13, 2020, with a total duration of 19 minutes and 48 seconds.)

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