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花园一隅暂时没有生物​      系列作品



A corner of the garden temporarily devoid of life

Water pipes, plastic sheets, glue, oil painting frames, resin, nylon mesh.  


花园的角落之中没有任何植物,也没有任何生物,也许是暂时的,也许是永久的。花园的这一隅也可能在尘封许久的某处,也可能在每日清晨睁眼的第一块眠梦碎片之中,或者阴雨伫立时的恍惚走神之间。 其实在生活中,花园片段也无处不在。在沐浴后淋浴间的玻璃上,或是盛着热水的器皿内壁上。短暂的存在,一会儿便消失不见的片片水滴。不仅每天都能见到,也总是从脑海中一闪而逝,什么都没有留下。

想到这,我忆起了日本摄影师赤濑川原平的一句话:“作为人最初看到的风景,说不定是雨天的风景。”这些易逝的水滴会不会便是我第一见到的风景呢? 我用了很多材料把这些水滴封存起来,虽然我每天还是能在各处见到他们。

A corner of the garden devoid of plants and living creatures, perhaps temporarily, perhaps permanently. This corner of the garden could be in a desolate place, or within the first fragments of a shattered dream upon waking in the early morning, or in the absent-mindedness during a drizzly day.In fact, garden fragments can be found everywhere in life. On the glass of the shower stall after a bath, on the inner walls of vessels filled with hot water, or on the back of freshly washed hands. Fleeting droplets that appear and disappear in an instant. They are seen every day, yet they quickly vanish from the mind, leaving no trace behind.


Thinking about this, I recall a quote by Japanese photographer Genpei Akasegawa: "The first landscape we see as humans might be a rainy one." Could these ephemeral water droplets be the first landscapes I see? I have captured these droplets using various materials, although I still encounter them daily in different places.


Photography   Song jida

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